The impossibility of living objectively causes a completely insular existence for us. It is quite difficult to truly understand what is really going on in someone else’s head because of a relativity that exists regarding anyone’s interpretation. Through a consistent process of experimentation, I have come upon this idea frequently. Art worth sharing is a rare experience; however, when the pieces achieve a level of validity allowing the viewer a direct view into the creative spirit of the artist, a point of communication exists beyond visual language. Though abstract, the forms represent a creative moment, a synapse. Inspired by the intricacies of nature and the movement of entities through space, these experiments are a way of making sense of my experience existing within the physical and social constraints of life. The nature of science is so exact, yet nebulous, and for us to observe the dynamic quality of liquids illustrates both quite well.

Similar to the concept of oulipo, the pigment’s fluidity and viscosity present arbitrary behavior by creating physical constraints when in contact with the surface of the paper and other materials like felt pens.


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