Football is not throwball

I have recently acquired an internship here in Chattanooga with a local design studio. Widgets&Stone is run by Paul Rustand, who not only is a pleasure to work with, but also loves his football (more commonly known as soccer down here in the South.) This has been my main focus since joining the team a few weeks ago. This is the Chattanooga Football Club’s third year and I have been in charge of designing banners, event tickets, programs, etc. and getting them in order and ready for print. I even have been able to spend some quality time on the old Vandercook letterpress (Note: I am spoiled now and never want to go back to digital).

The club is actually hosting a Major League Soccer (MLS) match tonight at Finley Stadium. Even if you don’t care for soccer all that much, it would be great if everyone came out to support their local clubs. Pictures are soon to come if you don’t make it out due to the occasional flood warning or bitter breeze.

4:00pm –


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let me tell you about richard perez

Richard Perez is a designer out of San Fran on the other side of the country. A great designer/typographer/illustrator, Richard has quite a voice in the design community. I just wanted to share with you.

via: SkinnyShips

Follow him on twitter: @skinnyships

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the simple things

Simple pleasures can make you happy. When we are happy, we make better design. It’s science.

Do you know what is simple and great? Negative space.

via: Pixelelement

via: random Russian site

So I talk a lot about my perception of the world as being an extensive environment in which typography exists. I really enjoy going to the neighborhood grocery store or blockbuster and visually absorb what most people don’t pay much conscious attention to. I’m a sucker for some nice package design. and nice album covers. and movie posters. ect. ect. There are quite a few terribly designed packs of chewing gum out there, but you know that feeling you get in your gut when a particular item catches your eye and you know immediately that someone really conceptualized that product. I then proceed to immediately pickup and inspect the packaging.

Thanks to Neil at ElbowRoomDesign, you too can see all the different techniques incorporated into the design. It is on the verge of overboard using almost every trick in the book, from spot varnish to a custom die cut. Neil wrote a pretty cool article on the evolution of chewing gum packaging. You can read it here.


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Thanks to last semester and my current internship, I have gained a great appreciation and affinity for well thought out calendars.

Its a new year.

Be sure to pick your tongue up off the floor.

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so thanks to Leslie Jensen-Inman’s magic and, my new official domain name is For the time being the domain is being redirected to my blog. I am really pumped to get working on the new site.

I just wanted to say thanks.

here is some cool stuff to check out. Do you like to dance and design at the same time? you should check these sites for some great design,  podcasts, and mixtapes. holla





AND… look at these beautiful buildings.


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if you have ever had to make a [web banner]

Have you ever had to make one or look at them specifically for a homework assignment? I have, and i am here to tell you that there are many, many poorly designed banners out there. I think the reason they have such a bad wrap because most of them are ugly and take up valuable real estate. They flash and blink and are pretty annoying, especially the ones that play sound (especially when you are in the library and you forget that your speakers are cranked to 10.) I digress. Our assignment was to find two web banners that were cleverly designed. It was a pretty serious endeavor to say the least. I did manage to find a few though:


This banner I found surfing portfolio sites of graphic designers via StumbleUpon, (which you desperately need if you do not have it already). I think this banner is pretty interesting because of the background image. I feel like it was an appropriate decision to turn the banner into a speaker cabinet. It is more effective because it is a very substantial object. The typefaces used are Cooper Std and Helvetica, I believe. Both of which are respectable typefaces and shows that the designer actually had a thought process instead of just slapping things down and making the banner blink. I am not sold on the contrast boxes behind the smaller copy, but I guess you have to compromise with the web somewhere, right?

via:C&M Consulting

This one is pretty cheesy and not completely legible. White text would have helped set off the supplementary text. I really enjoy overlaying textures, its a great effect, but it seems out of place here. The background image is beautiful. I have an affinity for light switches and taking photographs of them, so I immediately was drawn to this banner. I feel like the bottom line here is to aim for high contrast and simplify the information as much as possible. I feel like having less text on a banner might persuade a viewer to click on it easier because of its aesthetics. Time to go make one of these things. wish me luck.

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the beginning of time.

Its a funny thing that i just happen to stumble on this designer this morning before class. Lately¬† I have been judging typography that i see around me on the basis of how the lowercase ‘a’ compares to Helvetica’s lowercase ‘a’. Maybe some strange design force is trying to tell me something. Phil Kiel is a great designer by the way. check him out here or steal it from the sreenshot.

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