mechanical movement

I recently stumbled across Maurizio Bongiovanni some time ago, and I have just recently rediscovered his work. Birds are really fascinating creatures. Their movement is quite mechanical. It seems as if they are constantly taking in their surroundings which makes sense. There are a lot of predators out there.

This technique seems to capture a moment in time. That moment is then stretched as if pixels are stretched in Photoshop. This technique allows the viewer to grasp the individual layers, which would be otherwise overlooked because of the quick mechanized motion that is characteristic of avian species. There is of course a graffiti element to these pieces with the dripping paint, however the drips are meticulous which makes me think that they are more intentional than not.

Parting notes: It is interesting how birds are always watching you. Birds instinctually make eye contact. Something our species, on the other hand, seems to avoid. I am making a point to work on that.


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