Weekly Stimulus

As I go about stumbling the expansive internet, I do come across some excellent sources of inspiration. One of which I feel incredibly compelled to share is the Synaptic Stimuli blog. Finding myself attracted to unconventional art, this blog is one that provides a consistent source of a variety of work.

Despite my (primarily digital) design curriculum, I have somewhat disconnected from my computer to pursue work consisting of ink and watercolor. Although I rely heavily on my MacBook, it is really nice to be able to draw for a while without my twitter feed interrupting my work-flow.

Hengki Koentjoro is a photographer who’s work resonates well with my personal aesthetic. Jellyfish and coral, in particular, are creatures that I am yet to wrap my head around. They are truly fascinating. I hope to incorporate the delicate undulatory dance that they exhibit into my work. I believe it is going to take some serious refinement of my hand skills to achieve such. I am looking forward to the challenge.

It is quite interesting that over half of our planet is covered by ocean waters, yet we know so little regarding living organisms and the environment beyond a certain depth. As interesting as the topic is, we may not ever gain the knowledge needed to observe the deep water environments beyond the penetration of the suns rays. The fun is in the speculation of what could exist in between the us and the shifting tectonic plates that contain the molten metal under layers of our planet. Weird, huh? Go and try to draw that.


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