So it has been a hot minute since my last post. Lets just say it has been one crazy semester. I want to touch on a few points however. Chris Mills, from Opera, came to UTC recently as part of the <devCHATT> conference. Students and industry professionals alike gathered in the small auditorium in the Fine Arts Center on campus to get a little insight as to how HTML5 and CSS3 are streamlining web design. HTML5 is quite fancy and much more simplistic. Now elements like <video> are included. Thats right, no more javascript. Or much less of it anyway. Also, within this <video> tag, completely selectable captions are introduced as well as an option to translate the captions into multiple languages.

This is the new doctype  for HTML5: <!DOCTYPE html>

As much as I hat that exclamation point, I love the fact that I can understand what this doctype means. Woo.

Basically alot of syntax used on a regular basis has been abstracted away from the developer, thus using less code. Your eyes will thank you.

There are built in widgets for a calendar, slider bars, and input fields.

Within CSS3, elements have simplified as well. <text-shadow> for instance only requires a color, x and y coordinate, and a blur variable. They even can be nested and you too can create text that looks like:But please do not.

An opacity element has been included, and my personal favorite, rounded corners <border-radius>. No longer will you have to slice images in photoshop and import them into your markup. My friends, HTML5 and CSS3 are supported on all browsers except IE (big surprise there). Use this streamlined technology. In moderation please. Thank you.


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