the simple things

Simple pleasures can make you happy. When we are happy, we make better design. It’s science.

Do you know what is simple and great? Negative space.

via: Pixelelement

via: random Russian site

So I talk a lot about my perception of the world as being an extensive environment in which typography exists. I really enjoy going to the neighborhood grocery store or blockbuster and visually absorb what most people don’t pay much conscious attention to. I’m a sucker for some nice package design. and nice album covers. and movie posters. ect. ect. There are quite a few terribly designed packs of chewing gum out there, but you know that feeling you get in your gut when a particular item catches your eye and you know immediately that someone really conceptualized that product. I then proceed to immediately pickup and inspect the packaging.

Thanks to Neil at ElbowRoomDesign, you too can see all the different techniques incorporated into the design. It is on the verge of overboard using almost every trick in the book, from spot varnish to a custom die cut. Neil wrote a pretty cool article on the evolution of chewing gum packaging. You can read it here.



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