So we dove into the waters of the CSS Zen Garden. This is what I think.

This CSS Zen garden re design was inspired particularly by particularly because of the simplistic layout that incorporates very subtle hierarchical elements that create a very pleasing web experience. My ideas stemmed from the use of Helvetica on a black and white color palette accented with a beautiful light blue. I decided to use a tinted red to provide subtle clues to draw the viewer’s eyes around the page. The logo, I wanted to keep very straightforward. Alte Haus Gortesk serves very well with its nice heavy line weight and rounded corners, which are accented nicely with the red and grey type incorporated as well. I decided not to use any images once I settled on this particular layout. I felt that it would be too busy, however the centered layout allows for an image to be incorporated later if need be for aesthetic purposes. Helvetica Neue’s varying line weights are appropriate for the minimalist design. A combination of light and bold weights creates another layer of hierarchy within the body of the site. Overall the asymmetrical layout is balanced nicely due to the twelve-column grid to which everything is laid out. Even though the logo is off center, the smaller column paired with the larger column of text grounds the layout and creates a solid foundation.


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