Are you one to plug in your headphones as you walk out the door? Do you freak out if you forget your headphones? ipods (or whatever personal music playing device of your choice) are fantastic, but what about the sounds we take for granted on a daily basis? We have become so accustom to plugging into our technology, that we loose sight of the textures that surround us.

I designed a book in hopes to gain (and help others gain) a new sense of appreciation for the environment in which we live. the book is entitled, Stimulate. Composed completely of photographs accompanied by supplementary typography, this book is supposed to communicate a sense of texture even though the image is printed on a flat page. Hopefully, the texture will “stimulate” something in the reader so that he or she takes the time to journey outside and take in the environment. Personally, I have gained a new appreciation for my surroundings. It is a beautiful thing when the bus passing you and the wind rattling the trees becomes a drum beat. The book is in limited quantities, but if you want to take a look, you know how to get a hold of me.


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