Chattanooga Times Free Press

If there is any building that represents good ol’ Chattanooga history, it is the building that houses the gigantic press that prints our newspaper. Frank Anthony, VP of operations, gave us the grand tour. We traveled to the top floor housing the reporters and photographers, then traveled down to the depths of this historic structure, where the press and mail room are located. Here is a visual history of our tour.

This is Mr. Anthony showing us how to work a devil’s tail.


This is a Linotype machine. Ive never seen one in person. It is truly a scary machine, but an extremely beautiful one. With this machine, you get one typeface and one point size. Otherwise you would have to change that large silver magazine. Very labor intensive to say the least.



This is the top floor, housing reporters and photographers.


This floor is solid maple. Each floor consists of two layers. Each floor is 20,000 square feet. Do the math. Its really expensive, but oh so beautiful.


We are etching plates for the press. Everything is done with light sensitive plastic plates. These etched plates then go onto the press for production.



Something is wrong here.



This is the mail room. The paper is sorted, inserts are placed into each newspaper, and everything is placed on crates and sent off to be on your doorstep by 6:00 am.


This is by far the most efficient printing system I have ever witnessed. It is the newspaper after all. Their job is to be on time no matter what. The news cannot wait.


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