Josiah Roe graced us with his presence on Monday to give us a little insight as to the process that Medium takes to create a website. I dig his west coast style when it comes to problem solving. It is a combination of tact and brute force that makes Medium a successful design group.

“We need to learn what motivates people and how they consume content visually. Then we must bake those ideas into our designs.” – Stephen Anderson

Web design is two-sided. One side obviously is the design side, but the other side deals so much with the psychology of the client and the psychology of the user. Like Michael Beirut’s article on Design Bullshit, The trick is to convince the client with no design background that you, as the designer, are an expert, and your ideas are the best possible solution. The trick then is to incorporate the clients ideas, as well as your own style. Its tricky, but the end result is worth it.

Medium’s process, like our classes, starts out with sketching, site maps (navigation), and wire frames. The cool thing about working in a group is that each member has an expertise in an area, so step by step the project forms by piecing the front end code to the back end code, the graphics to the content. Once everything is roughly mocked up, the group tweaks and tweaks until perfection is achieved.

Important things to remember:

Sitemaps are super important not only in the beginning stages of a project, but for search engine optimization as well.

Provide visual cues for users so that all the content is read by the user. (Especially if there are forms to fill out. This reduces the amount of irrelevant or misconstrued information). – has great resources like grids and browser chrome.

Some of Medium’s projects:


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