Allegra Printing

Field trips are awesome especially when the follow a nice southern Wally’s breakfast. yum.

We arrived at Allegra greeted with smiling faces. Immediately I am thinking this feels like a great place to work.


This is Todd, our tour guide. He runs the show around here.

We checked out the design department and cracked some jokes about enlarging pixels.

We then went to the copy area where three extremely large Xerox copier/printer/trimmer/makes your bed and cooks you eggs machines took up the majority of the room. This is what they go through in just a few minutes.


The press room was arguably the best room in the shop. Its old school (sort of), it smells like ink, the room has this aura of warm love held within the walls. its a beautiful thing.





This is the paddy wagon. It helps with binding. They use Elmers glue.



Thanks Allegra. That was my first time in a commercial print shop. I have always been fascinated with printing and type, but my immersion into the process has made me want more. Let me know if you have a position to fill.


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