get schooled – tubatomic/medium

day 1 of visiting industry professionals proved insightful and engaging.

First off, thank you Mat Turner, Alex Ogle, and George Bairaktaris.



These guys are great. Easy to talk to and not afraid to answer any questions thrown their way. In fact, George worked for ST3, a company that no longer exists. The interesting thing about ST3 was that they designed a framework for a world wide video sharing network. St3 is no longer alive, but another party picked up this framework later down the road and youtube was born. Yes, youtube.

I digress. I picked up some great bits of information from these guys. Quite a bit of emphasis was placed on the vastness of the web. Its true, because you can access the web from just about anywhere, you do not have to exist in a big city to be successful. Especially now, the technology field is growing again as well as Chattanooga’s economy. You can work from home. Its not just for getting your degree anymore. You too can actually make money while sitting on the couch in your pjs. the trick is, and I cannot stress it enough, you have to apply yourself. To put it in Mat’s words, “It’s your own story to write.” “Trust yourself, trust your talent. that’s badass.”

Thanks guys. Hope to see you again soon.


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