Layers Back Page Design Contest

Recently I submitted some work to the Layers Magazine movie poster design contest.  Layers

The rules state that one must create a movie poster of a fictitious movie of the designers choice. The designer; however, must use a combination of techniques using text overlay and creating objects, figures, etc. with letter forms. The first idea that I thought of was to use images of my monome. The idea behind this beautifully minimalist media controller is the fact that all the software used to run the device is open source. This means that anyone can download the software, alter it to their specifications, then turn around and share it with the community. The information is always changing, evolving, creating. Its a beautiful thing. Here is a video as to how this little box works.

Brian Crabtree and Kelli Cain, the inventors of the monome explains it better than I ever will. For me, they are truly an inspiration.

My poster incorporates the minimalist design and the bright orange LEDs of the monome. The title is Opensource. Check it out.


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