DIY Summit post-report

Occurring Thursday, September 17, The DIY Summit launched and made a successful journey through the eyes and ears of geeks alike with very few technical issues (Thank you Leslie Jensen-Inman). Although much of the information was as far overwhelming as it was over my head, however the only way to learn anything thoroughly is to immerse one’s self. The more you see it and pay attention to it, the more Ruby on Rails will make sense. Someday it will probably be your best friend.

There is no experience like actually being at a conference, sitting elbow to elbow with hundreds of like-minded friends, all of whom are just itching to hear about the next evolution in web or design. There is something special with sharing a private viewing with classmates and colleagues alike that makes for a great experience. Pizza sans garlic sauce was served as well as the safety scissors equivalent of soda bottles (no electronic devices were harmed).

The coding aspect of the web is not my forte exactly, but listening to the experts talk about the subject matter like it was yesterdays news made an impression on me. Of all the code based speakers, Matt Harris was very interesting. Broadcasting all the way from the UK, Matt was easier to understand, i think, because of is education background. Dan Rubin, on the other hand, dealt with actual visual design elements on web pages. It is amazing how lining elements up on a grid can create a visually appealing layout. Then add a few drop shadows to elements of a consistent pixel size. The minute details can make a website pop. The key is consistency.

Be fearless.

DIY summit


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