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So I checked out create here recently. totally awesome. I always thought code had its own beauty. The structure and repetition create a structure that is so aesthetically pleasing. No one ever thinks below the pretty cascading style sheets, but beneath the decoration is a mechanical system of repetitious structured code. This image bombards you immediately when you walk in. It is a bit overwhelming, but stare at it for a few minutes. Then let your eyes un-focus for a bit. You’ll get it.


This piece blew me away. Screaming “interconnectedness” the lines of code are connected by thousands of small threads. I am sure the process was quite labor intensive, just as writing code is. This piece is elegant. The artist is C.E.B. Reas ( who also initiated which is an open source programming language and environment for creating images, animation, and interaction. Using processing, you (yes you) can create digital images not unlike Reas’ piece above. Get into it. All the cool kids are doing it.

C.E.B. Reas

Another one of Reas’ pieces (not to be confused with the candy). Beautiful juxtaposition of squares. Nice color combination as well. It fits nicely with the rest of the work on display.

untitled - weston mcwhorter

This piece is by one of our own, Matt T. Like ogres, websites have layers too. Matt illustrates this by layering the separate aspects of web design: Structure, Presentation, and Behavior on Plexiglas. It is really fun to look at. Don’t look at it too long or you will go cross eyed.


According to the statement at the entrance, this gallery is built with “short text instructions expressed in natural language, machine code, computer simulation, and static images.” A beautifully simple exhibition, createHERE houses an energy I have yet to feel at any other gallery here in Chattanooga. I applaud all the members that made this exhibition exist in real life.


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