Wrap it up, B.

As this semester comes to a close, we are asked to summarize the class. I would first like to say it has been awesome. I have gained quite a bit of knowledge not only from Grant, but from the whole class. As we venture into the “junior” year of the good ol art program, I have never felt like we, as a class, are more of a team. We all work well together, and everyone donates his/her own perspective which exponentially extends the potential to create awesome art. Im looking forward to continue into the next semester, hopefully holding on to the momentum we have picked up. I have taken alot from this class in the way of letterforms and the properties that define page layouts. It is extreamly intersting to me, so much that I have developed a strange fascination with the letterpress and setting type. I hope to explore that further this summer. Im exploring an internship at yeehaw printing in knoxville. thanks everyone. Im really excited that we all get to stay together the rest of our career in the art program.


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