On (Design) Bullshit

When it comes down to it, there is alot of bullshit in the world of design. It occurs in the interaction between the client and the designer. It is important to please the client with the initial ideas, but as a designer, it is important to incorporate one’s own style into the design. The trick is to convince the client that the designer’s personal touch helps the composition instead of hurts it.

This composition is aimed to be simple and abstract. I wanted the viewer to be intrigued by the text and not frightened by the mass ammount of text. Simple circular forms are paired with organic lines, which interact with eachother creating a consistant flow from one page to the next. It is very important to keep it simple when it comes to page spreads because it is easy for the body text to become overwhelming, which in turn pushes the viewer away instead of drawing them in. The result is a clean layout with a simple sans serif font that is quite inviting to the viewer.


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