Greed is a word that describes one’s mental desire for everything. It is a mental state that goes beyond obtaining necessities. The word greed in this photograph is placed above the power outlet full of plugs. The fact that there are no empty sockets helps suggest that the equipment plugged into the wall is utilizing every watt of energy. The need for more energy is a sensitive topic, especially with today’s economic standing. It is very important for the point to be conveyed that greed has a negative connotation.  It is a deadly sin after all. This photograph is a subtle suggestion that as a country, the United States, as a whole needs to find within its self a less greedy, more humble approach to coexisting on this earth. The United States is obviously not the only country on Earth; however, we live like we are the only humans in existence. The greed materializes from taking luxuries for granted. The luxuries have become, and are continuing to become necessities, which ultimately fuels the greed that already exists. Hopefully the United States will learn a lesson and become more precautious when it comes to taking resources for granted. I have faith, however it is going to get worse before it gets better.



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