Garbage In/ Garbage Out

GIGO, pronounced GUY-go, is an acronym for the term, garbage in – garbage out, commonly found within the technology world. It is not limited to the technology world however. Even in everyday life this term can be related. For instance, if you spend all day in the kitchen preparing a meal, more than likely at the end of the day that meal is going to taste better than making macaroni and cheese in the microwave. The same goes for computers. Input junk into a computer and junk is what will come back out. When coding anything from cascading style sheets to Unix commands, well-structured code yields simple applications that require little maintenance.  Quality is key especially when dealing with computers, because a computer can only do what it is told to do. The intelligence of a computer is limited to the operator of the computer.
Problems occur when incorrect input is supplied into a system. Incorrect input can be potentially hazardous. One key example is entering personal information into fields for billing and shipping products. Because technology has advanced so much in the years past, online shopping is growing ever popular. When designing the input fields on a website for billing and shipping, extensive care must be taken to simplify the interface as much as possible, because lets face it, not everyone is extensively computer-literate. Having an interface that validates the zip code before processing the information is useful to ensuring that the correct information has been inputted into the field. It is important for the credit card information to be validated before processing as well or else the potential for complications is increased significantly.  GIGO is an important term to design by. The inverse of this term is what every designer should strive for.


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