Virtual Idea Notebook #5

In order to efficiently discuss something, some sort of language must be developed. This set language has levels within the broad idea of communication. It is actually quite similar to alphabet soup. The base level is the audible everyday speech, which everyone uses on a daily basis. Anyone can talk about a photograph. The next level of the language is the understanding of the flux of information that is displayed. One must break another language barrier to fully wrap ones head around the idea and the content. The next level is being able to express and articulate the understanding of the idea. It is very complex, but everyone is capable. The trick is looking at the subject matter in every way, to gather as much information as possible.


Keeping on the same track of language barriers, social conditions affect these languages. There is one medium that is consistent throughout the process of understanding languages. Books are consistent, because they are written to inform the reader. Books provide information to the reader as if the reader has no knowledge of the subject matter. It is important to remember that if there is confusion about the idea of a piece, there are books that exist with the information to help the reader grasp the concept to its fullest extent, so then the viewer can take the newly acquired information and apply it toward his or her own work. This is quite beneficial to expanding one’s ideas and thought processes, especially within the art world.


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