At this stage in the project, ideas were harder establish than I expected. I wanted to push my subject matter, yet still have a definite connection with the text. I wanted the connection to be similar with the original image pair. The idea of having a horse-drawn crane is one I felt that was literal, yet it pushed the idea away from the obvious semiotics that come to mind when one hears the words, “Amish craftsmanship.”
I also wanted to create a connection with my first image pair and my latest collage. I took the idea of constructing buildings in a city, and transposed that idea to a smaller scale. It is amusing to think that with Amish technology, or lack of technology for that matter, that the Amish could construct a skyscraper. I took that idea and ran with it. Using the rolling cornfields as a background, I managed to create depth by pulling the building off the same plane on which the horse was standing. Doing this creates an interesting illusion by transforming each layer of the “crane” to a different depth in the frame. Even the subtleties connect the text and image pair all together. The crane arm and building creates an “A,” which ties all three compositions together. I did not want the connection to be too obvious, so the forms are offset from one another slightly. When all three compositions are displayed, the forms will work nicely together.


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