The Amish will build sky scrapers

The image with the elephant and the tree is one that I wanted to create motion, but also play with irony. I believe it was successful in the sense that the elephant looks like it is cautiously walking back to the sturdier trunk of the tree. It is as if it got to the edge and realized that it was not supposed to be there, so it turned back. I believe it is successful because of the lines and positioning of the elephant. The diagonal lines of the tree are flowing toward the bottom right corner. Also, having the elephant tilted just enough, and the positioning of its legs create motion toward the bottom right corner. Being off slightly center gives the elephant a kick start toward the bottom corner, giving the piece motion. This piece is also successful in the sense that if you squint your eyes, the fine details soften, and the elephant looks like it is walking down a grassy hill.  I chose these two objects based on my obsession with trees and the irony built with an elephant in a tree. It is just not physically possible.

The image with the girl in the city skyline is a piece that has to do with irony, but also ambiguity. The background is obviously a city, but it is not one specifically. All cityscapes seem to look the same. I chose the girl carrying a backpack because I felt that having a child instead of an adult would evoke more emotion. I wanted the viewer to ask, “Where are her parents? Is she on the way to school? Does she have a home to go to?” I played with the scale though so that she would look more determined. She looks like she is headed toward a destination. I left her cut off so that she would somewhat blend into the background. I did not want the viewer to see her whole figure. It actually turns out that all that white space looks like her hair, which is very interesting and seems to change shape the longer the viewer looks at it. It is balanced well, and everything floats around the center line.

My main focus, when designing my classified article to pair with my previous image pair, was to play with the negative space in my piece. One of the main reasons I felt my image pair was interesting was the way that the silhouette of the girl created a diagonal form of negative space, as if a silhouette of a girl was cut into the profiles of the buildings. The text, I felt, should mimic the negative space in the image pair. Specifically the letter “A” created a similar diagonal for the viewers eye to follow.  I chose a serif font, Times New Roman, because it felt like a proper gesture to work with the architecture of the city skyline. The extra text I have running down the stem of the letter “A” is jumbled, but still legible. Reading the text from left to right at a downward angle gives the group of text some momentum, which plays off of the busy city. When the structure paired with an organic figure a nice contrast occurs.


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