Virtual Idea Notebook #1

Semiotics is a very interesting field. The fact that someone can create a symbol that subconsciously makes connections in the brain of the audience without any verbal explanation is without doubt a true art. Not only do you have to create a piece of art, but also the thought process that precedes the actual creating process requires caution. Everybody’s brain reacts a little differently. The ultimate goal is to create something that everyone understands whether it be deliberately or subconsciously. Trial and error plays a large role in this field. The easiest way to perfect your design is to show it to everyone you can and record reactions, thoughts, criticisms, etc. Take that and push the design as far as you can. You can always bring it back, step-by-step.

The use of text, as a linguistic sign, can be quite useful when trying to convey a design to an audience. Text is very prominent when used correctly, because it is how we, as a whole, communicate on a daily basis. When text is added into a design automatically the viewer’s eye is drawn to it, influencing the viewer in some way. You have to be cautious however, because proper word choice is critical to conveying the intended message. Viewers are fickle and usually lazy. The key to overcoming this and getting your message across in an orderly manner is, again, to show your design to as many people as possible. Their feedback is invaluable.

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